Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bermuda Triangle Feb 5

Is it fact or fiction? truth or myth?
It's the Bermuda Triangle.
Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico make up the triangle.
Let's study this map.

It's a simple map of the Bermuda Triangle area.

This is a picture of a sunken ship.
Those are sharks swimming over the ship.
That looks like a scary place.
It's just the kind of place we'd find in the...
Bermuda Triangle.

Can you see anything else in the picture?

This picture has nothing to do with the Bermuda Triangle...
or does it? No, it doesn't I think. I just want you to say 'red gator'
three times as fast as you can.
This map has a lot of things to look at.
I don't live in the 'Triangle'. But I live close to it.
Let's call it, sub-triangle, like sub-tropical.
I live in the sub-triangle area of the Bermuda Triangle.

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