Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 28th Clammin'

We're going clammin'. What's clammin'?
Please look at the pictures. 
Near this small island might be a good spot.
Let's call this place Clammin' Cove.
Can you see what's in the water?
It's a sting-ray. Be careful, don't step on it.
There they are. Fresh clams?
Are you hungry? Do you like clams?

Just a minute! The clams aren't ready yet.
Why not? Why are they in the water?
It's called, 'purging'. The water will clean the
dirt out of the clams. How long do you purge the clams?
About 24 hours or so. The clams can stay in that water for a long time.
Have a nice day!!!

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