Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hi, Good morning. Look at this picture of a horse warrior.
Where is this statue? For what reasons is this man famous?
He's name is Kusunoki, Masahige. Can anybody tell me about him?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bastille Day(クリック)

Fiona: I think they had fun at the party.
Jade: Yes, there was lot's of food.
Fiona: I want to have a party!
Jade: That's a good idea. When shall we have it?
Fiona: How about... July 14th?
Jade: What's special about July 14th?
Fiona: Don't you know? It's Bastille Day.
Jade: What's that?

(continued tomorrow)

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Party

Fiona: Who's that?
Jade: That's Michael's 2 year old nephew, Noah.
Fiona: He looks tired.
Jade: Yes, he was.
Fiona: 4th of July looks like fun in America.
Jade: Yes, by the way, do you know who was America's
1st ally?(同盟国)
Fiona: Of course I do. It was France!
Jade: Yes, that's true! Thank you Fiona and all the French
Fiona: No problem.

4th of July Party

Fiona: What are they doing?
Jade: They are trying to break the "Pinata".
Fiona: Why?
Jade: Because, there is candy inside.
Fiona: I see. Who is that?
Jade: That's Michael's 6 year old nephew, Gabe.

4th of July Party

Fiona: Who is that?
Jade: That's Michael's 3 year old nephew, Peter.
Fiona: They were having a party!
Jade: Yes, a birthday party for Peter and his brother Gabe.
Fiona: And it was 4th of July party, too?
Jade: Yes.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Jade: When I go to Korea, I want to buy a nice handbag.

Fiona: Korea is good for shopping, there are a lot of handbags there.

Jade: How was the food?

Fiona: It was good, but hot.

Jade: Do you mean, "spicy".

Fiona: Yes, very spicy.

Jade: When are you going back to Korea?

Fiona: Maybe next year.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fiona in Korea(クリック)

Jade: How much was your hat?

Fiona: It cost only one dollar.

Jade: One dollar? Where did you buy it?

Fiona: I got it last month in Korea.

Jade: Korea? Wow! Did you like it?

Fiona: Yes, shopping was very cheap.

Jade: Next time I want to go.

Fiona: Yes, let's go together.

Jade: I'd love that.