Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's a hurricane?

What's a hurricane? Is it the same as a typhoon?
Typhoon and hurricane are different names for a storm
that has a low-pressure center and thunderstorms. Hurricanes
are cyclonic. They rotate counter-clockwise here in the
northern hemisphere. Hurricanes bring heavy rains and
wind. Also, hurricanes have storm surges and tornadoes.
Heavy rain can cause flooding. Hurricanes can cause
a lot of damage.
In the North Atlantic Ocean,
hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30.
Peak time is late August and September.

Can you see this flag?
Do you know what it means?
                          Hurricane Warning!!!

                          Tomorrow! More about Hurricanes!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's ask our friends about the hurricane

Hi! Mr Great Blue Huron, How are you?
I'm a little busy, how can I help you?
The hurricane is coming, what are you going to do?
I think I'll fly away somewhere safe.
That's a good idea, let's go talk to some more friends.

Excuse me. You are Mr. Lizard, yes?
That's right, what's up?
A hurricane is coming, what are you going to do?
That's not good. I'll go hide under a rock.
I see, that's a good idea Mr. Lizard.

Excuse me Ms. Dolphin! Can I ask a question?
What is it? I'm in a hurry.
The hurricane is coming what are you going to do?
I know the hurricane is coming.
How did you know?
The wave patterns changed.
Where are you going now?
I'm going out to sea, out to the deep water.
Very good Ms. Dolphin, thank you. She will be safe in deep water. 

Hi, Mrs. Hibiscus, may I ask a question?
I'm sorry. I'm busy right now. Can you come back later?
I see, you've already prepared for the hurricane.
Yes, I'm protected now.

It's the Chupacabra?
Did you know there's a hurricane coming?
Yes, it's over Puerto Rico now. That's my home.
Where are you going? Chupacabra.
I'm going to the Bermuda Triangle.
Do you want to come with me?
No, thank you. Mr Chupacabra. Good Luck!

But what about me?
I'm only a river otter.
What should I do? Where should I go?
I can't fly away, I can't hide under a rock.
Do you have any ideas? Can you help me?
How can we help the river otter?
What should he do?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice Flowers for Monday

Here the pretty yellow hibiscus.

What kind of flower is this?
It's called an orchid.
Are there lots of orchids in Florida?
Yes, there are. 

What's this one? It's the orange blossom.
It's the offical state flower of Florida.
             I hope the weather is cooler for everyone today.
             Have a nice day!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cape Canaveral National Seashore

Look at the map please.

Cape Canaveral is located in the area known as the'Space Coast'.
When was the first rocket launched?
It was 24 July 1950.

                       Hey! Slow down!
                       Where you going to?
                       We're going to Cape Canaveral Nat'l Seashore.
                       What's the rush?
                        It's really nice there. Sorry we gotta fly, bye!

                          I see, this is where they're going to.
                          Is this a National Park?
                          Yes, it is. Let's go in.
                          Do I need a camera?
                          Good idea! Don't forget it!     

On the north side of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center
is the Cape Canaveral National Seashore.
This is a large and beautiful
national park.
We can see the launches from here.

There's the Space Center across the inlet.
Hey! What kind of bird are you?
I think it's a Great Blue Huron.
What do you think?

Where does this bridge go?
I don't know. Let's check it out.
Can we stop?
What for?
Can I buy oranges?
Let's stop and get some oranges.
How much for a bag of oranges?

What do you see?  Just a beach?
It's a beach with nobody on it.
Would you like to visit here?
This is called a deserted beach.

Why do they call it the Space Coast?
(Why's it called the 'Space Coast'?)
This is why!!!

Wow. That's amazing.
Is it impressive? What do you think?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kennedy Space Center

                Where are we going today?
                We are going to Cape Canaveral.
                What for?  
                We will visit the Kennedy Space Center.
                What's it like?               
                 It's nice. There are rockets and more.
                 Cool, let's go, hurry! How far away is it?
                 It's about a 20 minute drive.
                 I can't wait, hurry!!!

What kind of a place is this?
It's called a museum.
Is this a space museum?
Yes, this is NASA.
Who was John F Kennedy?
He was a president of the US.
What's his connection to NASA?
He was the founder of the Space Center.

NASA? What's that mean?
It means National Aeronautical & Space Administration.
Can I become an astronaut?
Yes, Japan has a space program.

What's this place?
It's the Mission Control Room.
What happens here?
This is where the space shuttle missions are controlled.
What can we do here?
We can talk to the astronauts. 

Look at that. What are those?
Those are rockets.
Which is the most powerful?
The big Saturn 5 is.

Who are you?
I'm an astronaut.
Do you want to meet an astronaut?
Yes, of course I do.

Which shuttle is that?
That's Endeavour.
When's the next launch?
It's in November.
What's it doing, now?
It's blasting off.
                        Can we see it blast off from Japan?
                         Yes, but there's a time difference.
                        What's the time difference?
                         It's 13 hours.

                         Go!  Endeavour Go!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Water Parks

           Here's some more pictures of water parks.                 
           Does it look refreshing?              Yes, it does.
           Do you want to go swimming?    Of course, I do.
          What do I need?                         You need just a swimsuit.

Does this one look good to you?     This is a family pool.         

We are back to Wet n Wild in Orlando
Can I ask a question?        Sure, please go ahead.
Can I come live in Florida?          Japan is too hot. 

Well...you can come and visit.
                      This is a nice picture from south Florida.
                       I hope these pictures make you feel cooler.

                       Thank you, Have a nice day

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wet n Wild

                 What's Wet n Wild?     It's a water park.
                 Where's it at?               It's in Orlando, Florida.
                 Is it near Harry Potter? Yes, it is close to Harry Potter.
                 How's the water?          It's good, come on in!

Has it been hot in Japan?
It has been very hot.
Is Japan hotter than Florida?
Yes, it is.

Can I come to Florida?  Sure, you can.
What do you want to do in Florida?
I want to cool off at Wet n Wild

What's the temperature in Japan?
 How hot is it?  It's very hot.

Is it humid?                  Yes, it is.
Which is hotter Japan or Florida?
                   Japan is hotter than Florida.
                  What kind of rides are there?              As you can see,
                   there are many rides: thrill rides, multi-person rides and
                   family rides.
                  Are there restaurants and shops?
                   Yes, there are also restaurants and shops.
                  How long can I stay?               You can stay all day!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Flowers

                                      A pretty yellow flower.

A blue one.

A red one.

This is a pretty white one.
Have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


What's this?   It's Florida.
What's Florida? It's a long peninsula.
It's also the 27th of 50 states.
How was this picture taken?
It was taken by the 'space shuttle'.
How can I get this picture?
Just ask me, I'll send it to you.

Where's Florida?
It's in the southern part of America.
Where's the state capitol?
It's located in Tallahassee.
What does Florida mean?
It means - land of flowers- in Spanish.

When was Florida discovered?
It was April 2nd, 1513.
Who discovered Florida?
Ponce de Leon discovered Florida.
Where did he first land?
It was in Melbourne Beach...maybe.
Who are those people?
Those are new friends of Ponce de Leon.

                    What's there to do in Florida?
There are a lot of things to do.
Like what?
Let's go to the beach.
Do you like going to the beach?
Yes, I do.
What's your favorite thing to do on the beach?
I like to sleep on the beach.

Thank you, Have a nice day

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What do you see?  I see a lot of food. Can I eat?
Not yet!
What kind of food do you see? I see many kinds of food.
Like what?     For example, there's rice and egg.
What kind of egg?
What do you mean?
How was the egg cooked? (How did you cook the egg?)
Looks like it was fried.
What else do you see?  Mmmm, I see soup.
What kind of soup? I don't know what kind.

Do you want some cereal? 
Yes, we need some milk for our cereal.
Wait a minute!...that's not a bowl of cereal.
What's this called? It's a bowl of puppies.
Would you like a bowl of puppies or a bowl of cereal?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a diving bird

What's a diving bird?
It's a bird that goes in the water to catch food.
What kind of diving bird is this?
It's a cormorant. Is it native to Florida?
Yes, it's indigenous to Florida.
This bird can swim underwater.

This bird caught a fish.
How deep did it go?
Look it caught the fish.

What do you see in this picture?
We can see the birds approaching the school of fish.
How many fish are there?

What happened? It caught a fish.

What kind of diving birds are these?
Those aren't diving birds.
What kind of birds are they?
Flamingos are wading birds.
Is this called a 'flock of flamingos? Yes, it is.
Have a nice day!
Thank you