Thursday, September 30, 2010


What did you catch? Those are mullets.

What kind of a bird is this? It's an egret.

This is the sunset
Have a great Day!

What's goin' on with that Turtle?

Take a look at that lady as she tries to help the turtle.
What's she doing with that branch?
She's pointing the way for the turtle?
I don't think the turtle understands.
It's very good of her to help but maybe
it was a little bit dangerous for her.

     In the last picture she looks like she's talking
to the turtle like its a dog. What did she say?
"Here turtle, turtle, come here."
Does anyone know how to speak the language of turtles?
Let's ask for help from our friend.
Who's our friend? You remember him. Yes

It's Mr. Gopher Turtle from Florida.

A   Hi Mr Turtle, Can you help
GT Yes, I speak his language.
A   Thank you Mr. Gopher Turtle.
      By the way, what kind of turtle
      is he?
GT He's a common American
      mud turtle.

I don't think the lady can call the turtle.
But it's fun to try.
What kind of sounds would a turtle make?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy Day

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
We want to go outside and play
Come again some other day
It's a rainy day in Florida.
I'll stay inside today.
It's too wet to come out.
What do like to do on a rainy day?
I like to read on a rainy day.

Have a good Day!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's raining cats and dogs

Wow. Where'd this come from? It formed quick.

It's path is right at Florida.
There's going to be lot's of rain.

There's a chance it could get stronger.
Currently, it's headed north.
I'll keep you posted.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Surfin' Doggies

There's a lot of surfing doggies.
Look at this one with his cool shades.

Here's 2 very serious looking surfers.

What's this?
It's a doggie surfing competition.

Who's this guy?
Cats can surf, too?
Have a nice Day!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Florida Stuff 4

What's that place? It's Cocoa beach Pier.
Where's it at? It's on the east coast of Florida.
How do I get there? First, fly to Orlando.
Then what? Next, you must drive from Orlando.
What's there to do? There's fishing, surfing and dining.
It was built in 1940.
The pier has survived several hurricanes.
It's a popular tourist spot.
There are a couple of restaurants and souvenir stores.
It's pleasant to walk out on the pier.

What's the name of this bird? It's the Osprey.
Is it native to Florida or not? It's native to Florida.
What's special about this bird? It's a hunting bird.
How does it hunt? It flies and dives to catch fish.
What's the black mark on its' face called?
That's called an eye patch.

Ospreys are diving birds. They eat mostly fish.
They will sometimes eat rodents and rabbits.
We can find Ospreys throughout Florida.
This bird builds large nests.

Where's he goin'?                           He's  goin' to Surf City, USA.
What's he doin'?                             He's ridin' the waves
Do you know how to surf?               No, I don't.
Do you want to try?                        Yes, let's go.
Is scuba diving the same as surfing? No, it's not.
Is it difficult to surf?                        Yes, for beginners it's difficult.

Surfing is riding a wave with a board. It's very popular.
I want to try surfing someday. We can surf near Cocoa
Beach Pier. People surf all over the world. Where else
is surfing popular? Hawaii is a very popular place for surfing.


Are you Hungry?                      Yes, I am.
Do you want to stop for food?    Yes, I do.
Where do you want to eat?        Anywhere is OK?
What do you want to eat?          Anything is OK.
Have you ever tried....?             Stop! I'm starvin!

Look at that. That's KFC. Do you like KFC?
Once in a while, I like KFC. The chicken is good.
The potatoes are good also. After a busy day at the
beach, I became very hungry. I'll stop at KFC.
We can eat in the restaurant or get take out.
Which do you want to do?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Burrowing Owls

"Hello! Come on in! Make yourself at home."

This is a burrowing owl.
It's a native bird of Florida.
They are found throughout North & South America.

Burrowing owl nest in holes or burrows.
Unlike most owls, burrowing owls are
active during the day.
Like all owls they have good night vision
and hearing.

The sound a burrowing owl makes is 'who,who'.
Burrowing owls mainly eat insects and small rodents.
Sometimes, they will catch small birds.
This is a protected species in Florida.
What does protected mean?
It means don't touch this animal.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wild Horse of Corolla, North Carolina

Wild horses in North Carolina?
That's right and they're federally protected.
What are they doing there?
They're going to the beach, vacationing and relaxing.
Please be serious.
These horses are descendants of horses that
survived shipwrecks almost 400 years ago.
They have been living in North Carolina since then.
What do they do in the winter?
They do what everybody else does. They go to Florida.
I'm just joking.
The North Carolina winter is mild.
Here's a family of horses out shopping for a boat.
It's important that the family shops together.
What kind of a horse is it?
You mean, What breed of horse is it?
Yes, yes, please tell me.
This is a banker horse.
You mean, it works in a bank?
These barrier islands are called 'banks'.
This area is known as the 'Outer Banks'.
Here's the family out for a walk.
What do they eat?
They eat marsh grasses.
Tell us more about them!
Maybe next time.

Have a good day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Burrowing Owl removed from cruise ship in Florida

Port Everglades, Florida, Sept. 22nd,
Florida wildlife officials removed an endangered rare
burrowing owl from a Florida-based cruise ship.
The bird was safely removed to an open
location on the main land. Florida burrowing birds
are protected by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Here's a picture of the cruise ship.
 A spokesmen from the ship said,
"The bird was trespassing, he didn't have a ticket,
so we called the police and had him arrested." 
  Have a nice Day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blue Angels

 The United States navy's Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron is
known as the Blue Angels. They first preformed in 1946.
The squadrons six pilots fly about 70 shows a year.
The Blue Angels has preformed in front of over 427 million people.
 The Blue Angels show season runs each year from March to
December. They do many tricks like the'diamond' and the 'loop'.
The current aircraft used by the Blue Angels is the F-18 Hornet.

I have seen the 'Blue Angels many times.
It was fun. It was also very loud.
Have you ever seen the 'Blue Angels'?

Everglades Flowers

These are all pictures taken in the Everglades.
There's a lot of nice flowers there.
But it can be a dangerous place.

This is good picture.

These are the pretty 'Cypress Trees'.

Have a nice day!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wild Horse of North Carolina

There are about 115 wild horses in North Carolina.

There they are on the beach. 
There will be more to come about these horses!

Have a nice day!

Monday, September 20, 2010


A bobcat mother and her cub.
Bobcats are a solitary and territorial predator.
They are distinguished by their short tail and brindle
markings. Bobcats are one of 2 species of feline in Florida.
The other is of course the Panther. They are a medium size
cat. Bobcats are found all over Florida. Therefore, they are not an
endangered species.However, it's classified as a fur bearing game
animal by the FWC.It can be hunted in certain spots
 at certain times of the year.

I'm sick

What's wrong with you?
I'm sick. I don't feel good.
What do you feel?
I think I have a fever.
Have you taken any medicine?
No, I haven't. Do you have something?
Here, take this with water.
Will I feel better?
Yes, you will.

What happened to him?
He got bit.
He got bit by what?
He got bit by a chupacabra.
Doesn't he feel good?
No, he doesn't.
What's he doing now?
He's resting.
How long will he be in the hospital?
It takes a  long time to heal.

You have a fever, I'm going to give you some medicine.
Thank you, I don't feel good.
Just lie down and be quiet, everything will be ok.
When's the doctor coming?
He will be here soon.
Please try to get some sleep.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Monday Morning- Florida Stuff 3

Are those baby cats? No, Those are baby bobcats.
Is that their home? Yes, I think so.
Where's the mother cat? She is close-by.
Do bobcats live in the US? Yes, there are bobcats everywhere.
Are bobcats an endangered species? Yes, they are.
Bobcats are found throughout North America. They live from
Canada down to Mexico and Florida. The color is called brindle.
Brindle means tiger pattern. The bobcat is clever.
It can live in many different environments.
What do bobcats like to eat?
A bobcat will eat rabbits, rodents and small deer.

What's this a map of? It's a map of the 'Everglades'.
What does 'Everglades' mean? It's a large swamp in Florida.
What types of animals are there? There are cougars, alligators etc.
Can I visit the Everglades? Yes, it's a popular tourist spot.
Are there tours of the 'Glades'? Yes, many tours.
That is a map of the 'Everglades swamp. 60% of the original
swamp is now agricultural land. The rest is now a protected
wildlife environment. The swamp is very big and there are
many places to visit.  

What's this? It's a Koala.
What's it doing in Florida? It's just a picture.
Is it native to Florida? No, of course it's not.
Where's it native to? I'm not going to tell you.
Why aren't you going to tell me? Please look it up.
Actually, Koalas are from Australia. They speak with a
different accent. I mean Australian people speak with
a different accent. Koalas are cute. I like them.
Don't you like them, too? Yes, I do.  


What is this here? It's a schematic of an airplane.
What does schematic mean? It mean diagram.
And what does diagram mean? It means a drawing of.
Where did this information come from? It came from NASA.
Does NASA build airplanes? No, they build space shuttles.
This schematic shows the main parts of the airplane.
What do you see? Let's practise together.
Who invented the airplane? It was the Wright Brothers.
Where was the first flight? It was in Kitty Hawk
North Carolina.  OK Please repeat after me.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Flowers

Which do you like best?       A




Have a nice day!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


There are several different kinds of stingray native to Florida.
This one is called the Cownose. Why? Because it's nose
looks like a cow. It's a migratory fish. That's right it's a fish.
It's related to what other fish? Sharks! That's right. These fish
migrate. Do you know what migrate means? Seasonally, the stingray
moves back and forth between Florida and Mexico. This is called
migration. Many people in the US move back and forth between the
northern states and the southern states seasonally.
What do you call them? We call them 'snowbirds'.
Many kinds of birds also behave this way.
The people are like the migratory birds.

Look at all the stingrays. What's this 'group called?
Is it a school of stingray? Is it a pod of stingray?
What's the answer?
(please see the lemur for the answer)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is a hippocampus. In English, it's called a sea horse.
This depiction is really some kind of monster. The word
comes from Greek mythology. This is a mythological creature.
Its' image was used in Roman decorations.
Sea horses and sea horse art was most popular with the
Etruscans. These were a peoplewho lived about 3,000
years ago along the west coast of Italy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sea Dragons

There are strange looking fish.
What are they called?
These are Sea Dragons.
Are they real dragons?
No, this animal is a fish.

Are they related to sea horses?
Yes, they are.

What's this one?
Does it look different?
Yes, it does.
This is called an alligator pipefish.
An alligator! Where?
An alligator pipefish.
I see. Is it related to sea horses, too?
Yes, it is.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sea Horses and Stuff

What kind of an animal is this?
It's a fish.
Is it really a fish? It's very strange looking.            A
Sea horse are from the 'Hippocampus' family of fishes.
What other fish are the sea horses related to?
Sea horses are closely related to weed fish, pipefish and sea dragons.

What kind of habitat do they live in?
Sea horses like coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove.
Are they native to Florida?
Yes, four species are native to Florida.
Why's it called a sea horse?
Because it looks like a horse.
What's the diet of one?
Sea horses like shrimp, tiny fish and plankton.

Sea horses are monogamous. What's monogamous mean?
It means they have only one partner.
Are they good at swimming?
Actually, they are very poor swimmers.
Sea horses have strange behavior.
What do you mean strange behavior?
The males not the females will raise the babies.
I see. Is there anything else they do?
They can also change color.

What's special about this sea horse?
It's used in medicine.
For what purpose?
The sea horse powder is used to decrease blood sugar.
Is high blood sugar a problem?
Yes it is. It's called 'diabetes'. Have you ever heard of it?
Yes, I have.
Who uses the sea horse for medicine?
The Chinese do.
Tomorrow, I will show you a picture of a sea dragon.
Sea dragon? And sea horses? What's going on here?
What's next? Sea people?

*The sea horse is used in traditional Chinese medicine, and
as many as 20 million are caught each year and sold for medicine.
In addition to the Chinese, Indonesians, Central Filipinos,
 many other groups use sea horses.

Did you have a good day yesterday?
Have a nice day today!!!