Sunday, September 26, 2010

Florida Stuff 4

What's that place? It's Cocoa beach Pier.
Where's it at? It's on the east coast of Florida.
How do I get there? First, fly to Orlando.
Then what? Next, you must drive from Orlando.
What's there to do? There's fishing, surfing and dining.
It was built in 1940.
The pier has survived several hurricanes.
It's a popular tourist spot.
There are a couple of restaurants and souvenir stores.
It's pleasant to walk out on the pier.

What's the name of this bird? It's the Osprey.
Is it native to Florida or not? It's native to Florida.
What's special about this bird? It's a hunting bird.
How does it hunt? It flies and dives to catch fish.
What's the black mark on its' face called?
That's called an eye patch.

Ospreys are diving birds. They eat mostly fish.
They will sometimes eat rodents and rabbits.
We can find Ospreys throughout Florida.
This bird builds large nests.

Where's he goin'?                           He's  goin' to Surf City, USA.
What's he doin'?                             He's ridin' the waves
Do you know how to surf?               No, I don't.
Do you want to try?                        Yes, let's go.
Is scuba diving the same as surfing? No, it's not.
Is it difficult to surf?                        Yes, for beginners it's difficult.

Surfing is riding a wave with a board. It's very popular.
I want to try surfing someday. We can surf near Cocoa
Beach Pier. People surf all over the world. Where else
is surfing popular? Hawaii is a very popular place for surfing.


Are you Hungry?                      Yes, I am.
Do you want to stop for food?    Yes, I do.
Where do you want to eat?        Anywhere is OK?
What do you want to eat?          Anything is OK.
Have you ever tried....?             Stop! I'm starvin!

Look at that. That's KFC. Do you like KFC?
Once in a while, I like KFC. The chicken is good.
The potatoes are good also. After a busy day at the
beach, I became very hungry. I'll stop at KFC.
We can eat in the restaurant or get take out.
Which do you want to do?

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