Friday, September 24, 2010

Wild Horse of Corolla, North Carolina

Wild horses in North Carolina?
That's right and they're federally protected.
What are they doing there?
They're going to the beach, vacationing and relaxing.
Please be serious.
These horses are descendants of horses that
survived shipwrecks almost 400 years ago.
They have been living in North Carolina since then.
What do they do in the winter?
They do what everybody else does. They go to Florida.
I'm just joking.
The North Carolina winter is mild.
Here's a family of horses out shopping for a boat.
It's important that the family shops together.
What kind of a horse is it?
You mean, What breed of horse is it?
Yes, yes, please tell me.
This is a banker horse.
You mean, it works in a bank?
These barrier islands are called 'banks'.
This area is known as the 'Outer Banks'.
Here's the family out for a walk.
What do they eat?
They eat marsh grasses.
Tell us more about them!
Maybe next time.

Have a good day!

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  1. Hi - just a few comments on your post. The wild horses of Corolla are registered Colonial Spanish Mustangs and were recently designated as the North Carolina state horse. They are NOT federally protected. We have a bill that is currently stuck in a House subcommittee. HR 5482. It is a long way from passage and will need the support of wild horse lovers from all over the country. Please go to our website at for more information on how you can help. Also - the wild horses have 5 different habitats: wet meadow, dry meadow, tidal marsh, maritime forest and dunes. There is a variety of vegetation in each habitat. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund has a book called "Saving the Horse of Kings" with great information and beautiful photos of the horses.