Friday, December 31, 2010

Houseboat for rent

Are you looking for a new place to live?
It's a dream house. Live on the water.
No yard to take care of.

The neighbors are very quiet.
If that house is too expensive.
Look at the picture below.

It's cheaper.
But it needs a little work.

Happy New Year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Animal Workers of NASA - NASA Security

This is Andy. He's an American Alligator.
Where does he live? Andy lives in Florida.

(what does he do?, what do you do?)
That's Andy there. He's working at NASA.
Andy likes his job very much.
Andy is a policeman at NASA.

Andy is going home. He's finished.
He's tired and hungry.
It's a short walk  to Andy's house.
This is Andy's nest. That's Andy's wife.
Her name is Alice.
It looks like Alice is angry.
Let's leave them alone.
Soon, Andy will have many babies.

This is Andy at the dentist.
Andy takes care of his teeth.
'No problems.' says the dentist.
Thank you Mr Dentist! See you later!

Andy loves his home and work.
NASA is safer.
We are all safer!

All alligators always arrive at all
areas in advance.

Alligators are interesting animals. They
have been in Florida a long time. But if
you see one, be careful! They are not tame.

Thank you Have a nice day!
Have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thunderbirds and Blue Angels


Who are they? That's the Thunderbirds. What are they?
That's the US Air Force Flight demonstration team. No, I meant,
what is a thunderbird? A thunderbird is a mythical creature
from North American culture. The squadron performs about
88 shows a year. More than the Blue Angels. The Thunderbirds
are based out of Nevada. The 'Birds' began performing in May, 1953.
The Thunderbirds and their pilots are military.
The jets can be converted to combat ready in a short time.
The Thunderbirds use F-16 Fighting Falcons.


That's the Blue Angels. They are the US Navy flight demonstration team.
The Blue Angels are based out of Pensacola, Florida. They were
formed in 1946. There are six pilots who fly at a time. During the
year, the Blue Angels will perform over 70 shows at many locations.
They are the oldest of the flight demonstration teams.
The Blue Angels perform from March until November.
They fly the F-18 Hornet. The jets used are modified F-18s.
All members of the Blue Angels come from the Navy or Marines.

Were these pictures taken in Florida?

Have a great day!!!

Lots of birds

* The picture above is an Osprey. I'm trying to locate the nest.
The swamp is difficult to traverse. So, finding the nest will be difficult.
Wish me Luck!

It's a big white one.
Do you know the species of this one?

This is a lesser Blue heron.

That's not a bird. It's a big ship.
Actually, It's a tug boat pushing a large barge.

What's that? It's some sinister looking trees.
I wonder what kind of bird lives in those trees.

Coming later- Animal Workers of NASA- NASA Security

Have a nice day!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Animal Workers of NASA 2

There goes Tom Turtle. He's on his way to work at NASA
Tom is the ground chief at NASA. He's a gopher turtle.
He has a lot of responsibility. He's in charge of
Discovery until it takes off.

Here's ground chief Tom arriving at home.
His home is cool in the summer and
warm in the winter.

He's back at work. He's monitoring a different rocket.
Tom is a graduate of the University of Maryland.
He has been working at NASA for a long time.
See you Tom. Make sure Discovery launches safely.

Have a nice day.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Animal Workers of NASA

Let's meet Oscar the Osprey.
He works at NASA. Oscar is a Flight Engineer.
Oscar graduated from Avian Aviation College in 1999.
Oscar is also active in flight safety. Oscar has been with NASA
since 2005.  
This is a picture of Oscar at home. That's his wife Ofelia
and their daughter Olivia.
Oscar and family live very close to NASA.
It's a short hop, skip and a jump
for Oscar to get to work.

When he has some free time, Oscar likes to fish.
The local area is full of good spots.
Oscar is an accomplished fishermen.

Oscar and Ofelia keep a summer home in the Everglades.
Oscar has lot's of family here. They like to spend their vacations
in the quiet of the swamp.


Thank you Oscar. He's off to work now.
There's a lot of work to do on Discovery yet.
Bye, Oscar!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Florida Stuff 15

How was this picture taken?  It was taken from an airplane.
Where's this picture from?    It's from Pensacola, Florida.
What are those tall buildings?  Those are hotels.
What do you call the shape of this island?  It's called a barrier island.

Pensacola is famous for white beaches. Pensacolas'
nickname is the 'Worlds' whitest beaches'. This city is in
the western part of Florida.

Where is this beach?   It's just outside of Pensacola.
Where's Pensacola?    It's in western Florida.
                                How's the water?    It's nice come on in.

Hurry up! Let's go to the beach. I want to make a sand castle.
Is that your bike?     Nope, it's not mine.
Did you forget something?   No, I didn't.
Did you bring sunscreen?  Yes, I did.

Do you hear something?  What's that noise?
Shouldn't we move out of the way?    Yes, run! Just joking!
What's the name of the group?   They're the 'Blue Angels'.
Where are they going to?    They are just flying around.
Where are they based?    They are based just outside of Pensacola.
Are they military?   Yes, they are.

Are the 'Blue Angels' army or navy?  They are navy pilots.

The Blue Angels are based in Pensacola.
They are a US Navy flight demonstration team.
They appear at many events and festivals
in the summertime.

                                  Pensacola Crawfish Festival

What's going on?    It's the Crawfish festival.
Have you ever tried 'crawfish'?   No, I haven't.
Does it taste like chicken?  No, it tastes like lobster.
A crawfish is a lobster?    It's a fresh water lobster.
How often is the festival held?   It's held once a year.
This is an annual event in Pensacola. Many people come
for the crawfish festival. There is also a seafood festival.

Do you see something you want?
Do you want to try it?
That looks good. I'm hungry. There's crawfish and potatoes
and corn. I'm starvin'. I'll be sure to come back next
year for the festival. I need something to drink.

Animal Workers of NASA

This is Freddy. He's a tree frog engineer at NASA.
Freddy has been working for NASA for several years.
He likes his job but sometimes he has to hide from
 the birds.
Meet Ricky the raccoon.
Ricky runs a tour of NASA for local
wildlife.  Animals come from far away to visit NASA.
Ricky has day and night tours.
Hurry, Mr Turtle! You're going to be late.
That's gopher turtle 'Ground Chief' - Tom Turtle.
Looks like he's a little late for work.
It could be because the swamp was crowded today.
Did he remember to pack a lunch?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Heron


Is that a white heron? Or a white crane?
I need to check.


Here's the same bird sneaking under the pier.

Merry Christmas

This is a nice picture.
This is Florida at Christmas time.

"Are you sure that's Florida?"

Well,...ok, it's not Florida.
This picture below is Florida at Christmas time.
That's Florida. No snow.

Does anyone know what kind of fish this is?

The Otter has the answer for you.

Have a nice day

Friday, December 24, 2010

My favorite animal pictures (this week)

New dinosaur. It tastes like chicken.


The wise owl. Who, who?


"Here kitty,kitty,kitty."


Cold horse.

Which is your favorite?

Leave a comment please.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pirate Boat?

Does it have a registration number?
Maybe the pirates captured it.
What is that?
I should say, what was that?
It looks like an old boat.
It's been abandoned.
It's a windy day on the lagoon.
Too windy for fishing.
The large pontoon boat has partially broke
free of its' moorings. Best for me to say indoors.
Unless there's a good picture to take.