Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan 31 Redfish & Big Bird

This is my neighbor Ed. He went out fishing
and caught 3 redfish. These are nice fish.
They will be delicious. 


Here's the three fish together.
Redfish can be difficult to fish.
But if you know where to go,
it's not so difficult.


Those are turkey vultures. These birds are protected
by law. They seem to like this roof like the big bird does.

Have a nice day!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan 30 Asian Cup Champions

This was a good game. I enjoyed watching it.
                                         It looked like Australian was stronger. However,
                                         they could not finish. Lee's goal was exciting.

Tadanari Lee strikes the ball and scores in overtime. 
He came on as a substitute and scored the winning goal.

This was a big play. Goalie Kawashima stops an Australian
shot. Overall, Kawashima had a very strong game.
I thought he was the best player on the Blue Samurai.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jan 30 The Official Butterfly of Florida

It's the Zebra Longwing. It's the offical butterfly of Florida.
That was in 1996.
This butterfly is mostly found in southern states.


This is the caterpillar. It's baby butterfly. Isn't it cute?
The caterpillar eats the yellow passionflower.
After it becomes a butterfly, it can live for 3 months
or more. I haven't seen this one yet. I hope to see it soon.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jan 28 Ospreys

Answers to Jan 26 Fill in the missing words


How did you do?

That's a flying osprey. A bird of prey. A predator.
It's sometimes called a fish eagle but it's not an eagle.
Ospreys are found close to the water.
This is a picture I took the day before yesterday.
This is a good picture of Ospreys at NASA.

Have a nice Day!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 27 Walk in the Park

 I went back to the National park yesterday.
The first picture I took was a good one.
That's the Great Blue Heron there. The weather
was sunny but windy.

Look at those little birds.
I don't know what they were
but they were interesting.
They were searching for food.
Is this how you search for food?
Or do you go to the grocery store?

There's an Osprey nest in the distance.
Can you see it? It's way off in the distance.
Come on. Let's get closer.


Can you see it now? It's a big one.
I don't think it's nesting season.
I didn't see any Ospreys. This is as
close as I could get. The surrounding jungle
was too difficult to walk through.


What's that? Can you make it out?
It's a big fish. I've identified it as a redfish.
Redfish is popular here. And it's yummy!

It was just a walk in the park. But as you can see
this isn't a normal park. It was very exciting.
I may go back today.

Have a nice Day!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan 26 Audio!!! Fill in the missing words

Click the Title

Click  Listen now

Then ...... Fill in the missing words

The Osprey is (          ) as a (       ) bird.
It's (        ) very good (    ) fishing. Ospreys
swoops down and (    ) fish (    ) the water.
World-wide, (       ) only one (        ) of Osprey.
It's native to Florida. I've been (     ) to see it
a (   ) times.

 Good luck !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25 It's cold.

Who says Florida is never cold?
They are wrong.
Cold weather affects Florida very much.
Typically, the nights are cold and the days are warm.
And sometimes there is a freeze.
Of course it can be damaging to the citrus industry.

Here's a picture of frosty Florida grass.
Today's weather forecast calls for thunderstorms and possible tornadoes.

Here's another picture of Florida.
What? That's not a picture of Florida?
How do you know? Can you prove it?
Aren't those polar bears? No, they are Florida
tropical bears. OK, I give up. It's not Florida.
How do we know it's not Florida?
Polar bears aren't native to Florida. That's why!

Have a great Day!!!

Tomorrow- Osprey 'fill in the missing words'


Looks a storm is coming. No snow but rain.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 24 New Disney Ship

Here comes the 'Disney Dream'.
This is Disney's newest cruise ship.
It's leaving the shipyard and heading to Florida.
Do you know where it was built? I do!

There are many things to do.
I want to go on the water slide.
A message is available. What about the kids?
There's plenty of activities for children too.

Celebration time as 'Disney Dream' arrives
in Port Canaveral, Florida. Isn't Port Canaveral
near NASA? I like the fireworks.

That's Mickey. He's the captain.
The other people are the crew.
I think cruises are fun. The first voyage
leaves on Jan. 26th. Are you going?

Have a nice day!!!


The answers to Jan 22nd's   Fill in the missing words


How did you do?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23 Boating

The other day, I went out on my friend's boat.
We were going to the beach.
That's a dolphin.
Can you see it?
I took that picture.

But first we had to cross the lagoon.
We left from the main land.
The barrier island isn't far away.
It took us 20 minutes.
There it is. We've arrived at the beach.
That's a boat ramp and parking lot.
First, we beached the boat.
Then , we crossed over to the beach.
The barrier island is very narrow here.
We went to the other side to see the beach.
It was a little windy.
This is the National Seashore.

Look at that. I wonder what was there.
I think maybe it was a pirate house.
The birds are standing on the posts. 
I think those are cormorants.
It was getting late. So, we decide to go home.
We had to cross over the lagoon to get home.
On the way home, we gathered oysters.
It was a fun trip. I enjoyed it very much.

Have a great day!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jan 22 Audio Fill in the missing words

Fill in the missing words

I (    ) had oysters a few (     ) when I (     )
in Ohio. In Florida, they are (     ) common.
The (       ) is called the American Oyster.
It was (   ) to go (   ) on the (    ) and (      ) the
oysters. It was (    ) more fun to (   ) them.

* Click the title- "Jan 22 Audio fill in the words"
* Click  'Listen now' on the Podbean audio site.

Good Luck!!!


This bird likes oysters too. It's called the American
Oystercatcher. Yes, it can open an oyster.
Have a nice day!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 21 Audio Answers

Here's the answers to Jan 19th's Fill in the missing words


How did you do?
The Florida Bay

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20 Oysters!

I'm going out on my friends boat.
We're looking for oysters!
Yes, yummy,yummy. I hope we find some.

There they are. Look at that.
It's an oyster bed. There are many oysters.
We'll take some home for dinner.
The water was very cold.

The oysters are in the water. Can you see them?
We only take the oysters that are in the water.
The oysters that are out of the water we leave alone.


Here's some. There are big and small ones.
Let's put them in the boat and take them home.

OK, now it's time to cook the oysters.
We will boil the oysters.

There they are.
Be careful the oysters are hot.
There are sauces to dip the oysters.
I like the butter sauce.
Would you like to try some?
Let's have an OysterFest!!!

Tomorrow I will post the answers to
Jan 19 Fill in the missing words

Have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan 19 Audio Fill in the words-Click here!

Please listen to the audio and

Fill in the missing words

The Florida (   ) is a large lagoon (       )
at the (        ) most (   ) of Florida. There is
as estuary here. The (     ) water from the Everglades
(     ) with (    ) water from the (    ) of Mexico.
There are many (        ) trees and (    ) small

Good luck,
Have a nice day

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 18 Florida Bay and More

The Florida Bay. It's located between the southern tip of Florida
and the Florida Keys. The area of the bay is about 2,100 km2.
Almost all of the bay  is inside the Everglades National Park.

There are lot's of birds, sun and sand.

Have a nice day.


Here's the answers to Jan 16th's fill in the missing words 


How did you do? Did you get them all correct?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan 17 the Florida Bay

This is the Florida Bay. It's located
somewhere in south Florida. It's a very nice area.
(Isn't it a nice area?)
Somebody took this picture, not me.

This picture was taken someplace near the Florida Bay.
This is the Everglades. The 'Glades' are close to the bay.
(Aren't the 'Glades' close to the bay?)


Where was this picture taken?
It was taken somewhere on the Florida Bay.
Look at those fish. Those are some kind of fish.


Here's a map of the bay. The fishing and sightseeing
are excellent here. I hoped you liked it.


The answers for yesterday's Fill in the missing words 
will be posted tomorrow.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan 16 (audio- fill in the words) Click Here!

Audio fill in the missing words

The flamingo is a well (      )bird.
There are four (     ) of flamingo. In Florida,
the (     ) American flamingo is (      ).
They are (      ) birds. Flamingos (   ) be (    )
in the Everglades. The Miami (   ) also keeps
a (     ) of flamingos. (     ) flamingos are pretty.

Please listen to the recording to hear the missing words.
Good Luck!