Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 27 Walk in the Park

 I went back to the National park yesterday.
The first picture I took was a good one.
That's the Great Blue Heron there. The weather
was sunny but windy.

Look at those little birds.
I don't know what they were
but they were interesting.
They were searching for food.
Is this how you search for food?
Or do you go to the grocery store?

There's an Osprey nest in the distance.
Can you see it? It's way off in the distance.
Come on. Let's get closer.


Can you see it now? It's a big one.
I don't think it's nesting season.
I didn't see any Ospreys. This is as
close as I could get. The surrounding jungle
was too difficult to walk through.


What's that? Can you make it out?
It's a big fish. I've identified it as a redfish.
Redfish is popular here. And it's yummy!

It was just a walk in the park. But as you can see
this isn't a normal park. It was very exciting.
I may go back today.

Have a nice Day!!!

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