Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10 Let's go for a walk

I needed some exercise. So I decided to take a walk.
In the National Park! (Cape Canaveral National Seashore)

I went to a different area of the park today.
The water we'll look at is  actually a canal.
A canal is a man-made waterway.
This picture is from the north bank of the canal.

The water was very clear but a little cold.
That's a white Ibis.
The water's clear isn't it?
That's not sand but tiny seashells.
Would you like some?
Taking anything from the park is forbidden.

Look! What's that? Is it pre-Columbian ruins?
I think so. It was built by an ancient culture.
Do you remember pre-Columbian?
What's that ahead? It's a wildfire!
No, it's not! It's a prescribed burn.
The fire's controlled by the park service.
The park service starts many small fires to prevent big ones.
I drove right by it so I had to stop.
I got really close. Look at the fire.
I was in no danger at all, I think.
But it was really exciting.
I love Florida.
There's something new to see everyday!

Have a nice Day!!!

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