Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 9 Loch Ness monster seen in Florida

Nessie in Florida!!!

Terror and panic have hit Florida as the Loch Ness
monster was seen. Also known as Nessie, the giant
reptile was spotted near South Beach close to Miami.
Eyewitnesses describe Nessie as being very big, like
a lizard or something. 

This picture is the original one of Nessie taken in Scotland.
As we can see, this is an exact match.
Residents should be warned to stay away from the
beaches and waterways. Nessie isn't known to attack people.
However, we should be careful.

Questions we will practise

How did Nessie get to Florida?
Where was that picture taken?
Where's Scotland?
What should residents do?
What does 'exact match' mean?
Is this a true story or did you make it up?


  1. other questions:
    Isn't that a duck?
    Doesn't Nessie like freshwater?

  2. The first picture is a Double-crested Cormorant, a common bird in Florida.