Monday, July 4, 2011


Who's that?
It's Oscar.
That's Oscar's wife.

husband, wife
son, daughter
mother, father
brother, sister

Who are they?
They're Oscar's family.
How many are there?

grandma, grandpa
aunt, uncle

They're cute.
What are they?
They're baby otters.

children, teenagers
young adult, adult

What's he doing?
 Are you...?
He's sleepy. Is he ...?

tired, hungry, thirsty
sleepy, lazy, excited

Often Oscar oversees other otters
overseeing other otters.

    The otters in Florida are called river otters. They live in
 rivers throughout America. The  river otter has fur not hair.
The otters likes to live near water. The otters home is called
 a den. Otters like swamps, lakes and dams. Otters like to eat
fish and shrimp.

Have a great day!!!


What's it carrying?
Where's the entrance?

What are they doing?
They're having fun!

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