Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mangrove People of the Bermuda Triangle (episode 1)

Mangrove people are a legendary people who live in the islands of the Bermuda Triangle. They are reputed to be an elusive and sneaky people who prefer to live apart from humans. Sightings of mangrove people are rare. They are thought to be decendents of Spanish sailors who were shipwrecked in the triangle.
A Where are we going?

B Into that cut up ahead.

                                        It'll take us deep into the lagoon

A  What are we looking for?

B  I'll tell you later.

     Look ! See that island?

A  Yes, I do. Is it uninhabited?

B  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

    We're approaching it now.

    There are many such islands here.

A  What's that over there?

B   I can't make it out
      It's a boat, I think.

A   Yes, it's beached on the shore.

B   Let's investigate.

A   Is that a good idea?

B   What could go wrong?

(episode 2 next week)


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