Friday, July 8, 2011

Mangrove People of the Bermuda Triangle (Episode 2)


     Whispered tales of a strange people in the islands have circulated for years among the residents of the Bermuda Triangle. But proof has remained hard to come by. The Mangrove people have withdrawn from society. The exact origins of Mangrove people remain a mystery today. However, sightings continue throughout the islands.

A    Let's get out of the boat and look.

B    Ok, let's go.

A    It's an old boat.

       But it's in good condition.

B    It's Spanish.

       It's a rowboat from an old Spanish ship.

A    How old is it?

B    This boat is over 200 years old.

A    200 years? What's going on here?

       What are we looking for?

B     I'll tell you later.

B   Look. There's footprints around the boat.

A    I see. They look fresh. Someone was here.

      This is mysterious.

       I have a bad feeling.

B    Nonsence. The footprints go off in this direction
        Let's follow.

A    I don't know about that.

B    What could go wrong?

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