Friday, March 18, 2011

What are 'mangrove People'?

Mangrove people are the legendary people or creatures
that live in the National Seashore. Throughout the history
of this area there are stories of a strange and shy people
known as Mangrove or Sand people. Who were they?
How did they live? Where are they now?

First of all 'What are they?'

Do Mangrove people look like this?
This is a picture of a Chupacabra. Although native to
Puerto Rico, the chupacabra has been seen in Florida
before. Could Mangrove people be a group or family
of chupacabras?
(That looks like a zombie chupacabra to me.)

Maybe Mangrove people look like Skunk apes.
That's the Florida skunk ape in a nice picture.
Maybe they are a group of bigfoot like creatures.
(It looks like the skunk ape doesn't like that car.)

That's a Manatee. Yes, maybe the manatee was
mistaken for mangrove people. What do you think?

Mangrove People. It's a big mystery. This needs more
investigation and research. Tomorrow, I go out to the marshes
to search for....."The Mangrove People.

Have a nice day!!!  

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