Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oak Hill, Florida

Go south of Daytona on US 1.
Before you get to NASA there will be a small town.

It's called Oak Hill. Look at this map, please.
It's a small town. There aren't many people here.
But there's lots of fish and shrimp.

Oak Hill is a nice town. It's very quiet and peaceful.
This is not the big city.
The picture above is from my apartment.
It's very quiet and tranquil. Just the perfect place
for me to live and teach...........or is it?

                        Not all is as it seems...

In the distance I can see mysterious islands covered in jungle.

At night, strange sounds can be heard coming from the swamp.
What's in the swamp?

Many strange and mysterious creatures
roam Oak Hill's forests, swamps and waterways.
Many are odd alien like creatures....

This area of Florida is near to the Bermuda Triangle
and also NASA is located nearby. 
Sometimes strange aircraft are seen in Oak Hill. 

Oak Hill Florida, my new home town. It's quiet
and peaceful. On the surface, a typical small Florida town.
But...there's more to the picture than meets the eye.

Have a good day!

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