Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A   What's that?

B   It's an airplane schematic.

A   Are those the parts of it(airplane)?

B   Yes, Those are the main parts of an airplane.

A   Do you remember the parts and what they do?

B   Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

A   What's the cock pit for?

B   The cockpit is for the flight crew.

A   What are the wings for?

B   The wings are for eating...with bbq sauce.

A   Not chicken wings, What are the airplane's wings for?

B   The wings provide lift.

A   How about the rudder?

B   The rudder changes yaw from side to side.

A   What do the engines generate?

B   They generate thrust.

Look at this picture.
What aerodynamic and mechanical problems will this plane have?

Have a good day!!!

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  1. first off if a bird landed on those wings they will break and second off one propeller seriously?