Sunday, October 31, 2010

Florida Stuff 9

What's that?       It's the space shuttle Discovery.
Where's it going?                   It's going to the ISS.
    When's it going?             It's going to lift off Wednesday.
Why's it going?         It's going to meet the ISS   
How's it going?                   It uses a big rocket.

That's a very nice picture of the launch site
 at night. This time it will launch during the day.
The countdown for Wednesday has begun.


Who are they?     That's the crew of Discovery.
How many of them are there?     There are six.
What are they wearing?    Those are spacesuits.
Who's the commander?     He's the man in front.

Here comes the crew! Yea, go Discovery go!
All six astronauts are Americans. 

What's this called?                   It's the launch.
How fast does Discovery go?   It goes very fast.
How high will it go?                 Discovery will go very high.
Is it loud?                                Yes, the lift off is noisy.
Do many people see it?            Yes, many people go to watch.

The lift off is very impressive.
It's noisy and it happens very fast.
I like it a lot. It's very exciting.

What's that thing?                 It's the ISS.
Discovery will land there?        No, it will dock there.
What does the ISS need?         It needs spare parts.
Is that all it needs?    No, the crew also need food & water.
Will Discovery stay there?  No, it will come home.

There are people waiting for the shuttle.
Some are Americans and some are Russians.
ISS means International Space Station.


What's happened?        The shuttle doors have opened.
How do they do it?       Discovery uses a robotic arm.
How long will it take?   It will take several hours.
How long will they be at the ISS?  They will stay several days.

That a nice picture. It was taken from the ISS.
This is the most dangerous part of the mission.

What happened now?    The shuttle left the ISS.
Where's it going to?       It's coming back home.
Where will it land?         It's going to land in Florida.
What if there's a hurricane?   It can also land in California.
Did you forget anything?       I forgot my car keys. Just joking.

Goodbye ISS, see you next time.
The next shuttle to visit will be 'Endeavor'.


There's no reason to ask you. That's Florida.
Yes, this is the view coming home. This is the last flight of Discovery.
After, Discovery will become a museum attraction.
People will be able to come and visit Discovery.

Thank you Discovery. It's been fun to watch you.
Good luck!!!

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