Friday, September 2, 2011

Here's the Manatees

Blue Spring State Park is home to more than 200 manatees. Within the 2,643 acres of the park, there are  15 natural communities, a lagoon, a north-flowing river and a great spring. Blue Spring State park offers a lot of diversity. It's located in Orange City, Florida. That's in central Florida north of Orlando.  

They're hard to see but there are 2 manatees there. A mother and its' calf.
Look closely! You can see the calf playing with the log.
Here's another picture.

That's the back of a manatee.

That's a better picture of the calf.

It's difficult to see what they are doing.

Blue Spring is the habitat for at least 15 threatened or endangered animals and plants. The park is the winter refuge for the West Indian manatee, home to the Florida scrub jay, gopher tortoise and black bear. Look for herons and other wading birds near the water.  
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