Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blue Spring State Park

Leaving home, bye birdie!

At the Park,mmmmmm...let's go to the right.

Looks like a big sturgeon, right in the middle of the picture.
The stairs....see the fish in the lower right hand corner?
Can't remember what I was looking at.

Mmmmm...the water comes up from the aquifer
Entering the deep forest now.

Still heading up stream.
Who knows what's beyond the bridge? The unknown is waiting for us.

I've found the source. See it bubbling up?
I drank from it but I didn't get any younger.
This is what we're looking for!

Look! It's a Manatee!    No, it isn't. It's just a log.    

Spooky looking Spanish Moss. Or perhaps an alien fungus?

Nothing yet.

Still looking...

There's one!!!!!! See him?

  It's a turtle! What happened to the Manatees?

What Manatees? Just kidding!
You're going to have to wait until tomorrow for
the best pictures.

Have a great Day! 

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