Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ok everybody, let's go swimming!!!
Wait a minute! See that sign? What's it say?
That's right! If you swim here, you'll be gator food. 

Introducing the Buzzard brothers
Ugly bird 1:  I'll rest here for a minute.
                     What's that in the window?

Hey! Buzzard brother! Come over here. Take a look at this.

Ugly bird 2: Wassup? Find somethin' to eat?
Ugly bird 1: Maybe, see that in the window?
Ugly bird 2: Yea, what is it? It's very ugly.  
Ugly bird 1: It's a man. He doesn't look edible.   
Ugly bird 2: That's big time ugly!                        
Ugly bird 1: I've lost my appetite.                       

Have a great day!


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