Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Oscar goes to work

Wake up Oscar. It's time to get up.
Oscar is waking up. He needs to prepare for work.
First, he will take a shower.
Then, he will shave his face and brush his fur.

Oscar's wife says, "Breakfast is ready!
Come eat before it gets cold."
Now, Oscar will eat breakfast.
Raw fish for breakfast. It looks yummy.
Does Oscar drink coffee? How about donuts?
What did you have for breakfast?

Oscar says goodbye to his wife
Oscar's wife gives him a kiss.
"Have a good day" she says "and
don't forget to get dinner for tonight."
Oscar is ready to leave for work.

Oscar going to work
Here's Oscar going to work in the morning.
He has to travel far. The river looks crowded
this morning. Oscar must be careful of the other otters
or there might be an accident.

Oscar at work
 This is Oscar at work.
He's a teacher at River World University.
Oscar is thinking now. He's very smart.
Have a good day at work Oscar.
Don't forget to get dinner on the way home!!!

Bonus Otter Picture
Very cute, isn't it.
Can you describe to me what you see?
Go ahead and try!!!

Have a great day!!!

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