Wednesday, October 12, 2011


They have a black eye patch. It makes them look like a pirate bird. This bird is called the Osprey.
It's a fishing bird that's also suited for hunting. This bird can be found throughout Florida.

It's a big bird and it can hover. Meaning the osprey can flight in one position while waiting for a fish.
Very quickly the Osprey dives down to the water to catch it's prey.

The Osprey is a top predator. Nothing hunts the Osprey.

However, due to habitat destruction and gill nets which killed off the food of the bird,
the Osprey's numbers decreased dramatically.

Recently, because of conservation programs, the number of Ospreys has increased.

What's that on the head of the fake snake?
It's a lizard. Not only Ospreys but many other animals can easily be seen in Florida.

 Hey! get away from the boats! What kind of bird is that? It's a Great Blue Huron.

Not only birds, there are many pretty flowers here, too.
I hope you liked the pictures.

Have a great day!

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