Thursday, December 22, 2011

Koala and Kangaroos

Hello! How are you?
Nice to meet you!
I'm Koala-Belle and that's Baby-Belle.

Do you...?
(live, eat, sing, stay, read,
play, write, go bouldering)

Does she/he....?
(catch, dig, study, research,
investigate, repair, know)

Have you ever....?
(been, seen, read, written,
jumped, visited, done, created

Hi, I'm Baby-Belle.
I was born in Australia. I'm 6 months old.
Australia is far from Japan. China is close
 to Japan. Someday, I want to visit Japan.
 I want to eat some good Japanese leaves.

Krazy Koalas knuckled  the kicked Kangaroos knocked knees. 

What's that? It's a Kangaroo.
Where's it live? In Australia.
Australia/down under

Kangaroos live in Australia with the
Koalas.  They like to jump. They are
big animals. Becareful! There are many
strange and different animals in
Australia. Would you like to visit there?
I want to go. Where do you want to go?

Kangaroo kids kicked the kite knowingly

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